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Your Experience

Individuals who are chronically ill often experience extreme emotional distress. The ability to engage in occupational, social, and recreational activities can be limited. When experiencing a chronic illness, some changes may be physical, such as the changes with one’s body, side effects from medication, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and pain. You may experience psychological changes such as depression and anxiety. 


Psychotherapy For

Chronic Illness

Experiencing a chronic illness can be earth-shattering, but there is hope. 


A Safe Space For Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be a non-judgmental safe space where you can receive the support that is needed. I will help you with processing and managing your emotions, help with managing energy levels and fatigue, relationships,  sexual concerns, process the grief that has occurred due to illness, assist you in navigating appointments, and I will help you in communicating your needs with medical providers. I will integrate mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and acceptance & commitment therapy strategies that will help you cope with your illness and pain. Most importantly, I will help you live the best life you can possibly live.

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