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Writing Samples

Interviews with Dr. Lee

Invisible No Broken: A Chronic Illness Podcast 


Sex, Shame, and Chronic Illness


Physical Pleasure and Chronic Illness


Sex Self Esteem and Body Awareness


Chronic Sex Podcast with Grayson Shultz 


Sex and Chronic Illness


Disability After Dark with Andrew Gurza 


Sex and Disability


Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown 


Intimacy and Chronic Illness


The Better Sex Podcast with Jessa Zimmerman 


Sexuality and Chronic Illness


Shameless Sex


Sex, Chronic Illness, and Pain


Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr. Joe Kort 


Sex Therapy, Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities


Sexology Podcast with Dr. Moali 


What to Do When Chronic Illness Affects Your Sex Life?


Your Diagnonsense with Todd Baratz


Sex and Disability

Sex Talk with Erika Miley 


Chronic Illness and Sex

Disabled to Enabled Chronic Illness Podcast with Jessie Ace


Therapy & Empathy

Body Blueprints

Being mindful to uncertainty

Our Better Half with Dr. Jane Fleishman and Dr. Rosara Torrisi

Chronic Disease and Sex: Get Curious and Get Creative

The Trouble with Sex with Dr. Tammy Nelson
Sex, Chronic Illness & Creativity

Sex Unshackled with Becky Crepsley-Fox

Chronic Illness and Sex

In Your Pants with Dr. Susie Gronski

Health: It's Personal

Guys We F****d

Kinky Sex is Healing?

Social Life Magazine

NY Daily News

Dan's Papers

The Daily Beast

The East Hampton Star

Featured Expert

The Lily

Disability  by Maria Del Russo


Your Tango

How to Reclaim Your Sex Life When You Have Multiple Sclerosis


9 Unexpected Ways to Improve Your Sex Life as A Couple When You’re Dealing with A Chronic Illness


Sexuality in the Context of Chronic illness

Teen Vogue 

With a Chronic Illness, Sex Can Play Many Roles: For some, it's healing. For others, it's fraught.


Think You Can't Have Good Sex After a Chronic Illness Diagnosis? Think Again


Sexual Alternatives for Anyone Living With Chronic Pain


Wanna Get in the Zone? Get to Know Your Body and All Its Erogenous Zones

Men's Health

What It's Like to Have Odontophilia- a Fetish for Teeth

Inside Hook

Is Online "Sad Boy" Culture Covering Up Legitimate Mental Health Legitimate Mental Health Crisis?

Frankly by the National LBGT Network

Sex after Cancer


Chronic Disease, Your Healthy Spouse, and Sex


What Should You Discuss When You Start Dating?


How To Know If You’re Being Gaslit By Your Partner, Friends, Family, & More


Here's How You Can Support the LGBTQIA+ Community During Pride and Beyond


Well + Good 

Queerplatonic Relationships Are Like Supercharged Friendships That Aren't Necessarily Romantic

Women AdvaNCe

How to Enjoy Pride When You're Not Out



Love at First Sight: Is It Possible?



What Do Dreams About Sleeping With Your Boss Mean?


Mind in the Media: Viktor's Transition on The Umbrella Academy Highlights Trans Experience

Well + Good 

Wanting a "Loyalty Check" Is a Relationship-Health Red Flag-Here's Why



Do I Need To Take Care Of My Aging Parents If They Didn't Take Care Of Me?



4 Tips To Stop Ruminating Intrusive Thoughts


7 Signs Of Weaponized Incompetence In Relationships & How To Deal With It



How To Set Boundaries With A Co-Parent Because It Isn't Always Easy


How to Prevent a Bipolar Episode



What is the HEXACO Personality Test?



How To Tell Your In-Laws You're Pregnant



9 Best Sex Toys for Women Actually Worth Trying, Recommended By Experts

Men's Health 

Are you Autosexual? If Your Body Turns You On, You Might Be.



How to Make Damn Sure You're Not Guilty of Mansplaining. Here are six questions to ask yourself.


How to Start Having Sex Again With Your Spouse After a Long Dry Spell


Well + Good

There are 3 types of Nightmares-Here's How They Impact Your Sleep and Mood the Next Day, According to an Expert



3 Power Dynamics in a Relationship and How to Resolve


Anyone Can Have a Fake Orgasm

Oprah Daily 

What Does Non-Binary Mean? Everything You Need to know About the Non-Binary Gender


Yahoo News


Stuck In A Relationship Rut? Here Are 7 Ways To Break Out



Why You Keep Drinking Even After You Swore You'd Only Have One Drink


What To Do When Your In-Laws Are Jealous Of Your Parents


The Connection Between Your Sex and SSRIs


6 saucy positions to add a little kink into your sex life, recommended by three different sex therapists


6 Ways To Respond When Someone Tries To Guilt Trip You



How To Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive


Exactly How Dangerous Is Andrew Tate and His Misogynist Massaging?



How to Have Good (and Safe!) Sex in College


Chest Binding 101: What Is It and How to Bind Your Chest Safely

The Body: The HIV/AIDS Resource


Maybe You Should Try 'Quiet Quitting' Your Love Life


Are You Staying in a Toxic Relationship Because the Sex is Great?