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Dr. Lee was recently interviewed and featured in Social Life Magazine on his new practice opening in the Hamptons! Social Life magazine is the premier luxury publication for the Hamptons, celebrating 19 years in print. Our content — luxury lifestyle on local, national, and international levels — targets high net worth and high income individuals who summer on the East End of Long Island. Printed on top-quality paper stock with seamless binding, the composition of the magazine itself mirrors the affluent market in which it is distributed. Luxury consumers turn to Social Life to peruse upscale content, the most exclusive event photos in society, read in-depth interviews with celebrities, and review sophisticated fashion editorial. By captivating our readership through unparalleled luxury content, we have established ourselves as the must read magazine for the affluent readers in the Hamptons and Manhattan.

Dr. Lee will be presenting at the Well Spouse Association (WSA) Annual 2022 Conference.

Dr. Lee will be teaching at the Council for Relationships on October 4, 2022 1:00pm

Course: Sex and Disability: Using the Social Model, LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy, and Sex Therapy for Gender Minorities with Disabilities - AASECT and APA CEs

Course Description: In this course, we will be discussing how disability influences relationships, shame, and sexuality, paying close attention to gender minorities and the problem with ableism. This course will include a discussion on battling the medical model with disability while using the social model as a lens for counseling gender minorities with disabilities. We will discuss LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy through intersectionality, and how the therapy is an integrative approach to conducting therapy that encompasses factors of empowerment, social marginalization, and environmental barriers relevant to gender minorities with disabilities while incorporating medical realities and coping strategies. We will discuss the missing discourse of pleasure and how we can help clients with disabilities explore their own sexual desire, partner connection, and negotiation. This course will include a discussion on exploring the resilience of sexual and gender minority persons living with disabilities.


Learning Objectives

  • Explain the theoretical framework of intersectionality, the social model, and queer theory

  • Discuss minority stress, stigma, and discrimination of LGBTQIA plus individuals with disability.

  • Identify the tools in applying LGBTQIA plus affirmative therapy and sex therapy in clinical settings