Upcoming Events

5th Annual Immunoglobulin National Society Patient 360 Conference

August 28, 2021

1:30pm-2:30pm PST



Dr. Lee will be speaking at the 5th Annual Immunoglobulin National Society 360 Conference on Intimacy, Communication, and Relationships.


Why IgNS Patient 360?

  • Ig Therapy patients with different diagnoses

  • Education, connections, and support

  • Improve your Ig experience

  • Get up to speed on nutrition and mental health

  • Get the most out of your medical team

  • Meet clinical experts

  • Get answers about your diagnosis, treatment, insurance, and more!

Sexuality and Disability in Couples

October 7, 2021 (Filming and Interview)

11:30am-1:00pm ET

December 23, 2021 live Q+A

11:30am- 1:00pm ET



Esther Perel will be interviewing Dr. Lee for Sessions on sexuality and disability in couples! Sessions is a digital salon for therapists, coaches, educators and other relationship professionals to come together and discuss pertinent clinical questions and exchange a diversity of ideas about modern relationships. We all need more than one tool in our toolbox, and it is harder than ever to synthesize the breadth of knowledge. Sessions is a distillation of the teachings of many experts that is not only digestible but also highly actionable.

Mid Atlantic Association for Imago Relationship Therapists (MAIT)

November 12, 2021

Integrating Sex and Couples Therapy for Marginalized Adults with Chronic Illness, Pain, and other Disabilities



Dr. Lee Phillips will be teaching at the Mid Atlantic Association for Imago Relationship Therapists (MAIT). In the field of sex and couples therapy, there is limited research on exploring sexual communication and pleasure for sexually marginalized adults with chronic illness, pain, and other disabilities such as those who as identify as LGBTQ+. This workshop will introduce and explore sexual communication and pleasure through a sex positive lens for couples using clinical interventions such as acceptance & commitment therapy, sensate focus, and imago relationship therapy.


In this 6-hour workshop we will explore:


  • Gaps in the research literature will be presented as there is a need for research about the sexual expression and partner communication among marginalized adults with physical disabilities

  • Misconceptions of sex and disability

  • The phases of chronic illness

  • Sexual expression, gender, sex positivity, identities and coming out LGBTQ+ with disabilities

  • Clinical interventions (acceptance & commitment therapy for body and illness acceptance, sensate focus for reclaiming sexuality, and imago relationship therapy for healing the relationship). 

  • Case studies


Learning Objectives:


  • Identify and list the misconceptions of sex and disability.

  • Identify and list the phases of chronic illness.  

  • Explain the coming out process and how LBGTQ identified people with disabilities may be required to perform their coming out process more than once with the same partner, around different identities.

  • Discuss sexual expression and sex positivity in working with LGBTQ+  

  • Identify and list the clinical intervention for treating gender minorities with chronic illness, pain, and other disabilities.