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2021 AASECT Virtual Conference

June 2021

Exploring Sexual Communication, Pleasure, and Freedom for Gender Minorities with Chronic Illness, Pain, and other Disabilities


Esther Perel will be interviewing Dr. Lee for Sessions on sexuality and disability in couples! Sessions is a digital salon for therapists, coaches, educators and other relationship professionals to come together and discuss pertinent clinical questions and exchange a diversity of ideas about modern relationships. We all need more than one tool in our toolbox, and it is harder than ever to synthesize the breadth of knowledge. Sessions is a distillation of the teachings of many experts that is not only digestible but also highly actionable.

October 7th (filming the interview) and December 23rd live Q+A --- both times are 11:30am ET - 1pm ET


Mid Atlantic Association for Imago Relationship Therapists (MAIT)

November 12, 2021

Integrating Sex and Couples Therapy for Marginalized Adults with Chronic Illness, Pain, and other Disabilities


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